02:25 pm, jayv2
F*cking Snow

Can someone please explain to me this whole ‘snow is such an inconvenience to my life’? It bemuses me on so many levels!

We live in a temperate climate. This means its neither one nor the other and is subject to change at any given time without any prior warning and the weatherman will always get it wrong. Why do you think we call it ‘British Weather’?!

Rather than looking to deal with the situation we always seem to moan about it’s impact. News reports of severe delays, adverse weather conditions and councils having to prioritise road gritting. It makes me laugh that this weather comes as a surprise and for nearly two years in a row with these problems I would have thought that we’d have coped better this time.

I certainly think (and I’m happy to be corrected) but drivers are most of the time the cause of the situation. Cars skidding and lorries jackknifing only hold up others, cause even more delays and leave nearly a thousand people sleeping in their car overnight or abandoning their car. How can simple frozen precipitation cause such widespread chaos.

I woke up to this morning to find yet another good covering of snow and felt sad that for once my childhood feelings of excitement and joy were met with sadness and anger of the possibilities of delays for myself and the work that I do. I have never in my life to date actually wished the snow to disappear, never welcomed the onset of rain. I guess this is what we call ‘growing up’.

I have never let the snow cause me inconvenience. I simple get on with it. I have learnt how drive in snow, avoid skidding and drive sensibly on motorways and other major roads. I would only implore that other learn to do the same to avoid this hassle is causes others.

As I look towards the end of the week and try to plan for either more ‘bad’ weather, we listen to grit reserve running seriously low, gas supplies within hours of running out.

Snow is no longer something of fun. It resembles chaos, misery and delay. Will we learn for next time? Probably not.

06:54 pm, jayv2
Well hello there

Yes this is me, James, just an average person, to my friends hopefully more than that. I’m hoping to blog more, about what yet is uncertain, maybe you can help with that?

More to follow soon